There are so many operating systems currently present. So have you wondered why people choose Linux for app development over other OS? I mean we all know that Linux is not easy to grasp and there are other more user-friendly OS like Windows. Then why is Linux so great for application development? Why do programmers prefer Linux? Here are the reasons why Linux is so great for application development.

1. Linux is free

Unlike Windows and other OS, which you have to buy, most Linux distributions are free. Linux being free means that you start saving money from the start. Moreover, it is also helpful when you are migrating from other OS. As you don’t know which Linux OS you want to download and whether you would like it or not. However, since these are free you can download different distros and chose the one you prefer.

2. Linux is open source

Another one of Linux’s distinguishing feature is that it is open source. The main advantage of open source software is that it is an open book. It means that you can see what is going on and how is it being executed. Another benefit of using open source software is the amount of control you have over it and how much you can customize it.

3. Linux supports all major languages

Linux supports all the major and popular programming languages like C/C++, Python and Java. All the things that are required for the support of the languages like compilers and stuff are typically included in most of Linux distros. So normally, you don’t have to download any of the stuff. You can start using any language straight away.

4. Availability of free and open source software

There are numerous free and open source software for application development (IDEs and Text editors like Eclipse, NetBeans, Vim and Atom) available on Linux. The benefits of these software have been already discussed above. Such software are easier to find on Linux than on other operating systems.

Final Thoughts

Linux is hard to learn and isn’t as popular as Windows and macOS because of its steep learning curve. However, it isn’t so hard for programmers. And the reasons above is why Linux is so great for application development.

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