Visual Studio Code is a free software developed by Microsoft. It is a source code editor. The software is one of the few Microsoft software that are open-source and are available on Linux.

Compatibility and Features

Visual Studio Code (not to be confused with Microsoft Visual Studio)  can run on LinuxmacOS and Windows. . It is based on Electron framework. It supports multiple programming languages and provides varying feature for each different language. In addition to this, it has a simple and easy to use GUI.


  • It is extensible. You can download different plugins that allow you to extend the features of the software. These plugins help add support for other languages. They include debuggers, code linters and provide features like static code analysis and Language Server Protocol. The software also allows you to create your own plugins.
  • It is customizable. You can customize preferences, keyboard shortcuts and themes. You can also download plugins that add additional themes.
  • It provides support for debugging. Visual studio code allows you to add extensions that provide debugging function for various languages. Moreover, the debugger provides support for breakpoint and call stacks.
  • It provides code refactoring function. You can use this to help enhance the readability and understandability of your code by decreasing your code’s complexity.
  • Its syntax highlighting function helps in detecting errors in your program faster.
  • It also includes a smart automatic code completion feature. This makes it a lot faster to write your code. Furthermore, it helps prevent errors to some extent.
  • Provides support for Snippet. This feature enables you to create small programs (aka snippets) and store them. You can use these small programs later and add them to a code you are currently developing.
  • It has built-in Git support.
  • Visual studio code also includes ‘Go to’ feature.
  • The software provides auto-code generation feature. You can generate lines of code by just pressing a combination of few keys.
Screenshot of Visual Studio Code.

If you want to download Visual Studio Code, click here.

Final Thoughts

Visual Studio Code is a light code editor. It has many features that you need in your code editor and more. However, the best part about it is that it is user-friendly. It guides you through log files if there is something that you need to do like downloading something. Visual Studio Code is certainly a great tool for application development and you should definitely try it.

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