Vim (short for Vi IMproved) is a text editor. It was created by Bram Moolenaar.

Compatibility and Features

Vim is compatible with various popular operating systems like Linux, Windows, iOS and Android. It is a free and open source software. It is also lightweight and fast and is one of the most popular text editors on Linux. Furthermore, it comes with all Linux distros (short for distributions) by default.

There are many helpful features that are already built-in Vim. However, most of them are off and you have to turn them on. This is both an advantage and a drawback. The advantage is that you do not get crowded with unwanted features and options but on the other hand, its disadvantage is that you will have to look for these features to know that they exist.

screenshot of Vim


  • It can be extended by adding plugins.
  • It supports many different programming languages.
  • The text editor includes search and replace function.
  •  It has an online help system.
  • It includes a multi-level undo tree.
  • The software allows you to split the window.
  • It includes Visual Mode. The visual mode lets you highlight a block of text on which you can use an editing command.
  • The text editor also provides an auto-indent feature.
  • It also includes auto-complete function helping you write your code faster.
  • It consists of bracket matching feature which helps in preventing errors and also allows column selection.
  • The text editor allows code refactoring. This makes your code less complex and therefore easier to understand.
  • You don’t require a mouse to work on Vim. Its interface is keyboard based, which means that you can work on Vim just using your keyboard.

If you want to download Vim text editor, click here.

Final Thoughts

Vim is another great text editor. Even though it is hard to use it at first and difficult to get used to but once you get the hang of it you would find it much easy. Another things that you might not like about Vim is its cut, copy and paste feature which is difficult to do. However, apart from that you will definitely find Vim an amazing text editor.

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