There are numerous operating systems out there like Windows,
macOS, Linux and the list goes on. Out of all of these, which one is the best? The answer is quite simple; it is Linux. Now you must be wondering why. Here are all the reasons that make Linux the best operating system.

1. Linux is open source and free

Almost all of the distributions of Linux are open source and free. Since it is open-source it means that you can actually see what is going on with the system and if you don’t like anything you can simply change it. Furthermore, you can also add features that you want easily. In addition, the fact that is also free makes the OS even better.

2. Linux can work on low-end computers

Generally, Linux distributions do not have high hardware requirements. Therefore it is the best operating system for really old PCs as well.

Picture of an old PC. Courtisy of growdigital @ Flickr

These are a list of LOW END Computers you can buy:

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3. Great for developers

Linux supports a lot of languages that is ideal for programmers. Furthermore, most of the text editors and IDEs available on Linux are free and open source. That means more customization and you also save money.

4. More frequent software updates

Linux OS get more frequent updates than others. These updates are also fast to download. However, the update system of some Linux distributions is not good and sometimes you have to download the whole OS instead of just the update.

5. Customizable

Perhaps the main reason why people prefer Linux over other operating systems is the extent to which you can customize it.

6. Stability

Linux is more stable and reliable especially when you compare it with Windows.

7. Privacy and Security

Picture of lock with security written on it

Normally Linux distributions do not collect your data. Even if they do, they don’t collect as much as Windows and macOS. Moreover, if they collect data you can easily trace what kind of data is collected and preventing it is also much easier than other OS.

As for security, there are less security threats on Linux. However, because of this low possibility of security breach people often leave their computers vulnerable and this might result in a breach.

Final Thoughts

These are the reasons that make Linux the best operating system. Although it is not that user-friendly and easy to learn to use like other OS but once you learn and get used to it you would find difficult to leave it.

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