KDevelop is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It was developed by KDE.

Compatibility and Features

KDevelop can run on LinuxWindows and macOS. It is totally free and open source. The advantage of using an open source software is that you can see what is going on and how is it being implemented. Another benefit is that you have more control over the software and you can customize it to a great extent.


  • It is extensible which means that you can download and add plugins to the software to increase its functions.
  • It includes a source code editor. The editor is able to perform functions like automatic indentation and syntax highlighting. Syntax highlighting helps in finding errors in your code and also makes it somewhat easier to read and understand the code.
  • It includes a project manager and class browser.
  • It is able to perform code navigation.
  • The software includes semantic highlighting.
  • It also has auto-completion function. This helps you write code faster and to some extent decreases the chance of errors.
  • It is also highly customizable. You can remove any button from the menu and also reorder them. Moreover, you can choose from different colour schemes.
  • It allows for split view.
  • Kdevelop includes a powerful find and replace function that lets you search for and replace across all projects.
  • It can integrate many kind of documents providers such as QtHelp documentation files (QCH) and CMake help pages.
  • It includes Vim compatible input mode.
Screenshot of Kdevelop

If you want to download KDevelop, click here.

Final Thoughts

Kdevelop is an amazing IDE. However, along with its benefits, you get some problems. The main problem with the software is that it starts to lag when performing heavy tasks and especially when it is scanning for files. Apart from that, it is a great software that you can use for developing your applications.

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