gedit is a free and open source text editor. It is the default text editor of GNOME and comes preinstalled with Ubuntu (the most used Linux distro).

Compatibility and Features

Apart from Linux, gedit can also run Windows and macOS. It is easy to use and learn. It has a simple GUI that is clean and not overly filled. The best part about the software I that it comes with an online manual that you can use to figure out how to use gedit. We use this on our website for compras en línea.


  • It has syntax highlighting feature for various languages such as C, C++. Python and Java. Syntax highlighting helps in finding and hence correcting errors in your code.
  • Multiple tabs: The text editor allows you to open multiple GUI tabs so that you can open and edit multiple files.
  • It has undo and redo system.
  • It also includes find and replace feature.
  • The text editor also provides auto-indentation feature.
  • The auto file backup feature is a life saver when your computer suddenly turns off due to power failure or other reasons.
  • It includes other features like bracket matching, highlighting the current line and text writing to support you in your programming.
  • The software ha clipboard support which means you can cut, copy and ate stuff.
  • You can change the font style and colours.
  • It is also extensible meaning that you can download and add plugins to gedit. The plugins add additional features to the software.
  • The spell check function of the software would help prevent errors.

If you want to download gedit, click here.

Final Thoughts

gedit is a simple text editor. It does exactly what a text editor should do and a bit more. However, there is just one problem with it. The problem is that there are not many plugins available for gedit and therefore it is unable to provide features like other text editors such as Atom and Geany. However, it is still a decent and lightweight text editor that will get the job done.

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