Geany is a free and open-source GUI text editor. It also includes some basic features of an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It was developed by Geany authors.

Compatibility and Features

Geany is able to run on Linux, macOS and Windows. Although it must be noted that the Windows version of Geany is not the same as the versions available on other platforms as it is missing quite a few features. It requires GTK Toolkit to work which is available on almost any system that has a desktop environment installed on it. Other than that it does not depend on any other major external libraries and packages.


  • It is Lightweight. Geany was designed so that it occupies little space and runs fast.
  • It is simple. The interface of the software is user-friendly. Everything is easy to understand and find. The menus are not complex and contain almost all the features you need. This also means that it has a small learning curve.
  • It allows you to move Code Lines up and down by pressing alt+pg up and alt+pg dn respectively.
  • It automatically closes tags when you are writing in HTML. This reduces the chances of bugs and saves time.
  • It provides multiple document interface, which means that you can open multiple documents and windows at the same time.
  • It includes a simple project manager.
  • The software also comes with an automatic code completion function. This saves your time and reduces the chances for errors.
  • It provides syntax highlighting function. This feature makes it easier for you to find errors in your code and hence correct them.
  • It can also fold your code. Code folding helps in enhancing the readability of your code and makes it more comprehensible.
  • It has fast code navigation capability.
  • It is extensible i.e. you can extend the scope of its features by downloading different plugins from its plugin library. Geany provides a large library of plugins from which you can select and download the plugin you want. Moreover, you can also download third-party plugin or you can always develop your own plugins.
Screenshot of Geany text editor while using Plugin Manager

If you want to download Geany Text Editor click here.

Final Thoughts

Geany has a few downsides. Since it is a text editor it is missing some features that you would find in an advanced IDE. Furthermore, there are not many third-party plugins available for Geany. Nevertheless, its speed and light-ness are unmatchable.

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