Bluefish is a lightweight as well as powerful editor built for experienced programmers and web designers. This editor works as a general purpose editor as well with the IDE.

Compatibility And Features

Bluefish is a full-featured web editor for Linux. Also, version 2.2 release adds OSX High Sierra compatibility. It also includes native executables for Windows and Macintosh. Bluefish is a GPL software released in 1997 to encourage web development on the Linux platform. For those Linux (BSD, Mac, and Windows) users, the tool by which most measure the standard is Bluefish.

Its user interface is complete with toolbars, dialogs and user-customized menus to allow insertion of markups and codes. There are different options available for writing websites, scripts, and programming codes in many programming and markup languages. In addition, there is code-sensitive spell check, auto complete of multiple different languages (HTML, PHP, CSS, etc.), snippets, project management, and auto-save. Basically, it is a code editor, not specifically a web editor. This means it gives a lot of flexibility for web developers writing in more than just HTML.

Although the programmers and the name have changed over time, the goal has not. Hence, Bluefish was and is a phenomenal HTML editor. The main features of this editor are given below.


  • Lightweight and Fast
  • WYSIWYG interface
  • Multiple document interface i.e allows opening more than 500 documents simultaneously.
  • Powerful search and replace.
  • Project support as well as Multi-threaded support for remote files using gvfs.
  • Integrate external programs and external filters.
  • Unlimited undo/redo functionality.
  • Multiple encodings support.
  • Program-language aware in-line spell checker.
  • Auto-recovery of changes.
  • Full-screen editing.
  • Compliance with the Gnome and KDE.
  • A customizable programming language.
  • Bookmarks functionality
  • HTML toolbar and tearable menu’s.
  • Translations into ten languages.

To download the installation package visit Bluefish URL.

Final Thoughts

If you prefer to do your HTML work by hand, in an HTML-specific text editor, you should go with Bluefish.

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