Bitpanda review precious metals

Let’s review Bitpanda, the company that revolutionizes online trading. It’s 2019, trading cryptocurrencies is simply not enough if you wish to make the most out of your investments.

Let’s review the revolutionaries over at Bitpanda

Instead of sleeping on their laurels, the team at Bitpanda continuously invests in upgrading it’s knowledge, software and pushing the limits of technology. Teaming up with various universities all around Austria, they strive to bring the new dawn of online trading to the world. Their Tesla-like vision combined with the brains of the smartest people in the world is bringing us the first-ever blockchain token system as well as Bitpandas own BEST (Bitpanda Ecosystem Token) – a utility currency for use on the platforms of Bitpanda.

But why is just crypto not enough?

Short of the stock exchanges, very few platforms offer precious materials trading. The point of this Bitpanda metals review is to introduce you, to the world of trading precious materials properly. This company offers you the ability to do that. Providing you with 100% insured gold and silver to trade with. The materials are stored in Swiss vaults, you simply get the digitized rights to trade with them. With fees lower than 0.05% for upkeep and 0.025% for buying and selling, doing so is cheaper than ever!

How should you go about trading precious materials?

Unlike crypto, their prices are much more predictable. The gold and silver prices follow the global marketplace. On the other hand, crypto is determined by its own supply and demand. Our advice is to set up a savings account to buy crypto at lower prices over time. In contrast, you should trade with the materials regularly. The prices of gold have increased dramatically in 2019. This is due to the fact that national banks of China and Russia are increasing their gold reserves. Their big transactions drive the prices up. You need to trade like a national bank.

Use our advice to get into precious materials trading right now.

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