Linux is a great platform for programmers. The thing that makes Linux so great is the fact that it is free and open source and there are also many free and open source software available for it. For programmers using Linux, there are numerous free text editors available. So which one should they (you) choose? Here is our list of the best free text editors on Linux.


screenshot of atom

You can run it on macOSLinux, and Windows. GitHub developed the text editor.


  • It is referred to as ‘hackable’ since you can customize it heavily.
  • Atom has auto-completion and syntax highlighting function.
  • It allows you to split the interface into multiple panes.
  • Teletype Package: It lets multiple users work on a single code in real-time.


It is a bit slow and heavy than typical text editors.


screenshot of Vim

Vim was created by Bram Moolenaar.  It is supported on Linux, Windows, iOS and Android and other popular OS.


  • It includes features like auto-indentation and auto-completion to help you write codes faster.
  • It includes features like syntax highlighting and bracket matching to help identify and correct errors.
  • It allows you to split the interface into multiple windows.
  • You can also refactor your code when using Vim.


It is difficult to grasp and you need time to get used to it.


screenshot of gedit

gedit is the default text editor for GNOME. It comes preinstalled with many Linux distros such as Ubuntu. It is compatible with Linux, Windows and macOS.


  • It saves your file automatically so that you don’t lose your work.
  • It has a spell check system.
  • It provides you with a find and replace system as well as a undo and redo system.
  • It also includes features like syntax highlighting, highlighting the current file, bracket matching and much more.


Although gedit is extensible, there are not many plugins available for it, unlike other text editors which usually have tons of them.

Final Thought

This was our list of the best free text editors that are available on Linux. Just pick the one you think is best for you and start coding.

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