Atom text editor is a tool for software development that was developed by GitHub. It is a text editor with a lot more features than a traditional one. Its features make it lean more towards an IDE. In addition, it is totally free which is the best part.

Compatibility and Features

Atom can run on macOSLinux, and Microsoft Windows. The software previously could be used as an IDE but this feature was revoked. However, the IDE plugins are still present and it may be possible that in future the text editor will get back its ability to become an IDE. Atom is referred to as ‘hackable’ since it is greatly customizable.


  • It has a smart automatic code completion feature. This makes coding faster and to some extent, helps prevent errors.
  • You can split Atom’s UI into multiple panes. This allows you to compare your code and edit it through files.
  • It is extensible. You can extend the features of the software by downloading various packages. There are many packages available for Atom all written in Node.js. You can search, download and install these packages through Atom’s package manager. This tool is already built-in the software. Moreover, if you want you can create and publish your own package using the package manager.
  • You can also open multiple files in the same window using its file system browser.
  • The software allows you to search, find and replace text. You can do this either across a single file or across all projects.
  • You can easily alter the look of Atom. It comes with four UI themes and it allows you to download further themes created by its community. Furthermore, if you are still not satisfied you can always create your own.
  • Its syntax highlighting function makes it easier for you to detect problems in your code. The software comes with eight built-in syntax highlighting themes.
  • Another great feature of Atom is its Teletype package. The package lets multiple developers work on the same code in real-time from different locations.
Screenshot of Atom Text Editor

If you want to download Atom Text Editor, click here.

Final Thoughts

Atom text editor is quite different from other text editors. It has much more features than they have. It is somewhere between a text editor and an IDE. Therefore, if you want a text editor loaded with features or a simple IDE that is light then do try Atom.

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