Anjuta is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that you can download free of cost. It was written for GNOME.

Compatibility and Features

Anjuta is able to run on Unix-like operating system. This includes Linux and a bunch of other OS. It supports Java, JavaScript, Vala, C, C++ and Python programming languages. It has many programming tools integrated with it like Glade Interface Designer and Devhelp.


  • It has a simple, easy to use and user-friendly interface.
  • It is extensible, which means that you can add plugins to Anjuta for additional features. There are also plugins that come with it when you install the software. All of its functions and features depend on these plugins. You can enable or disable these plugins for each individual projects. Therefore, for each separate project, you only get the features you want.
  • The IDE comes with an inbuilt file manager that provides all the features that you would find in a typical file manager.
  • It also has a project manager plugin. The project manager does not require any extra data and therefore does not keep it. This makes it possible for you to export and import any project (in the supported languages) to and from the software without the need for any conversion.
  • It comes with a source code editor that has the following features (and more):
    Syntax highlighting: It makes it easier to read and understand the code. Moreover, it also helps in identifying errors.
    Smart indentation: The software automatically indents your code according to the programming language and your indentation settings.
    Code folding: this also enhances the readability of your codes.
    Auto-completion of code: The IDE auto-completes your code and hence helps you write your code faster.
  • It also includes a debugger.
  • The Glade GUI designer helps you create the interface for your application faster. Moreover, since it is a WYSIWYG designer you can see what the interface is going to look like in real time and edit it on the spot.

 If you want to download Anjuta, click here.

We recommend using PC with Lunix, but this is your choice.

Final thoughts

Anjuta is a great IDE that you can use for the development of your applications. However, there are two cons to the software that you should know. The first thing is that its GUI is not fancy. Although it is easy to use but look primitive. The second one is that it is not supported on macOS and Windows.

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