Android Studio was developed by Google and JetBrains. It replaced Eclipse Android Development Tools (ADT) and became the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android.

Compatibility and Features

You can download Android Studio on WindowsmacOS and Linux based OS. It is free and open source software created specifically for the development of Android applications. It is stable and requires fewer resources such as memory space and RAM since it is only made for android development.


  • It includes an intelligent code editor. The code editor provides auto-completion services and supports Kotlin, Java, and C/C++ languages.
  • Android studio contains a fast built-in emulator for running android app. This emulator runs apps faster and more efficiently than physical device enabling you to test your application.
  • It allows you to reduce the size of your apk file through its APK Analyzer. The analyzer examines your application’s apk file and deletes unnecessary objects, henceforth decreases the size of the file.
  • Its profiler makes it easier for you to optimize your application by enabling it to run using less resource and also by making the app faster.
  • Lint tools, that already come with the IDE, help you make you remove errors from your code and therefore make it bug-free.
  • Its Visual layout editor helps you create the interface of your application by simply dragging and dropping different elements. This helps you see what your app is going to look like in real-time.
  • The software provides you with a debugger with breakpoint support.
  • Its build system that is powered by Gradle allows you to create apps for various devices. It customized your app according to different specifications, such as android version and screen resolution, of different devices.
screenshot of android studio gradle support

If you want to download Android Studio, click here.

Final Thoughts

Android Studio is one of the best software for developing android apps. Its stability is one of its best features. Although some people may find it annoying that the IDE can just be used for Android development and nothing else, it is also what makes it so good. Since it means that, the developer of the software will only focus on making it optimal for just this purpose.

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